Ik doe onderzoek naar de volgende namen:
aan Jeanne's kant:
  1. Orie afkomstig uit Loosduinen en daarvoor uit Wassenaar. Ook uit Friesland.
  2. Venema uit Groningen
  3. Klopstra uit Groningen
aan mijn kant:
  1. Miebies, Muwis enz. uit Den Haag en Kuringen (B)
  2. De Langen uit Den Haag en Amsterdam
  3. Doelman uit Maasland
en heb daarnaast belangstelling voor:
  1. Schulze o.a. uit Ned. Indië
  2. Schuit uit Noord-Holland
  3. Ory, Orij
I am interested in the following surnames:
  1. Orie from Loosduinen and Wassenaar. Also from Friesland.
  2. Venema from Groningen
  3. Klopstra from Groningen
  4. Miebies, Muwis etc. from The Hague and Kuringen (Belgium)
  5. De Langen from The Hague and Amsterdam
  6. Doelman from Maasland
  7. Schulze a.o. from the Dutch East Indies
  8. Schuit from the province of North Holland
  9. Ory, Orij
All cities mentioned are located in the Netherlands unless otherwise indicated.


Confini amministrativi - Riigipiirid - Political borders - 国境 - 边界 said...

That Venema seems terribly close to Estonian wors "Venemaa", literally meaning "Russia", used in the past from some Hebrews.

Peter said...

Thanks for yr contribution but you may rest assured that Venema is a very Dutch surname. Nothing Russian about it :-)

dijori said...

Beste Peter,

Mijns inziens is Lemkuhl geen verbastering van Leemkuil, want in mijn gegevens heb ik ook NL Lehmkuhl die van oorsprong uit Duitsland komen(Hannover)

Peter said...

Beste dijori,

ik neem onmiddellijk aan dat je gelijk hebt maar het één sluit het ander niet uit. De vermelding die nu in mijn lijst staat heb ik uit zeer betrouwbare bron.
Dank voor je reactie.

Gio Ve (Riigipiirid) said...

Thank You very much for Your comments, Peter.
I also wanted to inform You that I have built a permanent link to this website from my blog about the borders (in the left sidebar).
Visits and comments from You will be very appreciated. Visit also the section with the borders of the Netherlands at the page
All good wishes!

Pami said...

I am curious about the surname, Middag or Midag...which changed over the years to become Meddaugh. They were early settlers in New York State/New Amsterdam. One of the given names was Joris. Thanks for any input!

Peter said...


I am almost certain this is a very Dutch surname. The meaning of the word 'middag' is 'afternoon'. Also the words for morning, evening and night have been used for this purpose. Even weekday surnames still exist.
The largest Dutch genealogical database shows close to 3,500 hits for 'Middag'.
Hope this clarifies things a bit.

emma van aston said...

hi there im looking for any information about my dutch family surname is van asten came from haarlem cheers

Peter said...

The surname Van Asten is not uncommon in the Netherlands. So to avoid that I have to look for the famous needle in the haystack, can you give me more data such as
- the first names of yr ancestors and their spouses
- dates/places of their birth, marriage
- when did they leave here etc.
Fyi the largest genealogical data base here shows over 26,000 hits for your name...


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